Google + Ads

Brand Optimization

+ We’ve combined the power of machine learning and critical thinking into a magical formula to drive both efficiencies and growth to your Google Ads campaigns. The perfect marriage of machine and human.

+ Google and other search engines so much so that a full 93% of all online experiences start with a search. Our team of experts understands how to take advantage of fast-moving online marketplaces.

What’s Included

+ Google Analytics Set-up
+ Google Ad Account Set-up
+ Google Call and Sign-up
+ Campaign Google Ad Set-up
+ Copywriting & Content Plan
+ Creation Community Page
+ Management Page
+ Optimization Lead Form
+ Setup Tracking Setup Lead
+ Form Creation Lead
+ Competitor Analysis

monthly ad spend
  • $1,000/$9,999 – 20% ad fee
  • $10,000/$24,999 – 15% ad fee
  • $25,000/$49,999 – 10% ad fee
  • $50,000/$99,999 – 5% ad fee

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