Lifestyle + Photos

Attract Your Audience

+ Lifestyle photography aims to tell a story by capturing people in real-life situations. We cast talent, source locations, shoot using the industry’s leading equipment, and edit content. We can handle small, medium to large productions and groups exceeding ten people.

+ Most popular for medium-sized commercial and advertisement shoots, fashion editorials, film productions, large family or group portraits, shoots consisting of multiple sets, and medium to large scale E-commerce shoots

What’s Included


+ Production Scheduling
+ Photographer Selection
+ Casting Models
+ Shot List Creation
+ Schedule Shoot


+ Full Day Shooting
+ Setup Lighting
+ Setup Props
+ Setup Backgrounds


+ Photo Retouching
+ Resize Photos
+ Deliver Assets
+ 4-8 Weeks


25 Retouched Photographs

  • Two Locations and Two Talents
  • Light Hair and Makeup Application
  • Minimal Art Direction Development
  • One Round of Retouching

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